It is the objective of Palos Bible Church to prayerfully and financially assist our missionaries to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ at home and in the uttermost parts of the world for the salvation of lost souls, to teach the Bible and to strengthen believers in their faith.

Palos Bible Church seeks to suppost missionaries and organizations that meet the spiritual needs of the individuals to whom they minister rather than those with a “social gospel” approach which meets phiysical or emotional needs only. We believe that meeting a person’s physical or emotional needs is important, however spiritual involvement should be the primary goal. We also require missionaries and organizations to meet the standards of the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability or other similar organizations. Sponsoring agencies’ doctrinal statements must not differ from that of Palos Bible Church.

In carrying out Palos Bible Church’s stated purpose, the Missions Committee seeks to encourage the church in developing a heart for missions, promote missions awareness and support short-term missionaries, especially for our youth group members who are exploring opportunities on the missions field.